This is from the August 4, 1992 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Late Breaking News:

Krista Tesreau (ex-Mindy, GL) will be joining the cast of SB, playing the ex-friend of Ken. You all will be happy to note that they are changing the name of her from Barbie (no new name yet).

Late Breaking News, VCR Alert:

o Jodie's confession:

As SB's top cop, Cruz has had more than his share of life-threatening experiences. So, when he finds himself in yet another jam on Friday, July 31, he's ready to fight - especially since Jodie's trapped in there with him and could use his help. But as rough and seasoned as Cruz is, there's one thing he is not prepared for: the shocking piece of information that Jodie reveals in the heat of the moment.

I Hate My Storyline!!!

Frank Runyeon (Michael) was forced to take a tough stand during his stint on SB, he was scheduled to have a quickie with an ex-nun. "I said, 'I won't be the actor that will play that story.' I made my feeling very clear," Runyeon remembers. "I wasn't going to play sex. It wasn't in character, and it was awful to do sex for two days just because we didn't have anybody else in bed.

Runyeon played the scenes, but with a twist. "We made it very clear that they slept in bed together, but didn't have sex. Although they obviously wanted to, they held back at the end. They wanted to give themselves a chance to fall in love," Runyeon recounts. "The audience thought they were going to do it right then and there, but they didn't. And I thought it made for a better scene.

Also from the same article: Eileen Davidson says that "just because an actor throws a temper tantrum doesn't mean he should be labeled a difficult actor," Davidson maintains. "Maybe he had a very good reason to throw a tantrum. It's not for anyone else to judge. Maybe the actor who bursts into a writer's meeting and throws a tantrum has been keeping his dissatisfaction inside for so long that he just can't take it anymore, and that's his way of expressing himself.

Why Actors REALLY left their roles:

Karen Moncrieff (ex-Cassie): "When I read in the script that Cassandra was trying to poison Angela, huge red flags went up in my head. Paul said, 'We really don't know where this story is going. You could stay or not.' And I basically said, 'I really love it here. I love this character. I think she's viable and redeemable. But when you make your decision, let me know.' He said he would. Happily he stuck to our bargain. He found me in the makeup room and said, 'I just wanted to let you know, per our agreement, that your contract's not going to picked up.

"All along the line, I struggled with where they were taking Cassie. They had a golden opportunity to create a story where somebody changed for the better. To my mind, the whole story with Warren was badly handled (ed. note YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN). One turn after another made no sense to me. But I always thought that true love would win out. So it was difficult to do those scenes. I had an emotional stake in Cassie getting better. When that didn't happen, I had a loss to grieve. But I did it, and I'm happily on the other side."

A spokesperson for SB says: Karen Moncrieff was loved at SB. Unfortunately, Cassie was written to be a villainess and we weren't able to redeem her. She's an excellent actress."

What She's Doing Now: Besides auditioning, Moncrieff is contemplating creative writing projects. She says that she is in the middle of a crossroads.

What will happen:

o Sawyer refuses a generous offer from Aurora.
o Lisa's plan backfires and helps Lilly in business.
o BJ dates Frank.
o Lionel's heartfelt apology to Gina falls on deaf ears.
o Jodie tosses away her wedding ring.
o A canceled appointment sends Warren racing from home.

Sydney Penny doesn't know what her character initials stand for. What would Kim Zimmer name her "Betty Jean." Penny's reply - That's fine with me.

Soaps' Wildest Rumors

One of the most persistent is that Eileen Davidson is a man. Sources say that it started when Eric Braeden (Victor, YR) was said to have gone on DONAHUE and said that then co-star Davidson had undergone a sex change. "I called DONAHUE and pitched Eric Braeden, and the person who answered the phone said, 'Oh, he's our second most popular rumor.' And he had never even been on the show!" says a spokesperson for Braeden. "For the record, Eric went on DONAHUE years later and talked about how popular the show is, and his character. And that was all that was discussed," she says. "It's so strange how this rumor has persisted over the years. He has never said anything even remotely related to this."

Braeden's response to this particular rumor is somewhat stronger: "I would like to get my hands on the person who started this rumor. It's one of the most vicious rumors ever disseminated about an actress or actor. It's as vicious, mean and horrendous as it is untrue," says the angry Braeden. "It staggers the mind that someone would spread a rumor like this."