This is from the July 26, 1988 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Status Chart of On-Screen Happenings:
Deaths: Mason Capwell, SB
Birthday: Lane Davies (Mason Capwell, SB): July 31

Ask Us:
Q. Who were Elena Nikolas' (aka Eleanor Norris) parents on Santa Barbara?
A. Elena's parents were Pamela Capwell Conrad and C.C. Capwell. That made her Mason's sister. She was Jeffrey's half sister, since they shared the same mother. And she was Kelly, Eden, and Ted's half sister since they shared the same father.

Father Michael brings Sarah back to the mission and locks her in the basement. Overcome with guilt, Michael tells Agatha he doesn't think they're doing the right thing. She tells him he's too hard on himself and that they've done nothing to be ashamed of.

Sister Rebecca
Disguised as Sister Rebecca, Julia moves into the mission. While snooping around, Julia finds the door to the basement, unlocks it and finds a frightened Sarah. Julia signs that she is a friend of Mason's and wants to find out what happened to him. Will Sarah help? Julia asks. Sarah just stares at her. Later, Father Michael arrives at Julia's room and is surprised to find her wearing a slip. As Julia puts on a robe, Michael is embarrassed by his feelings of sexual desire. He suggests they discuss the fund-raiser for the new chapel.

Later, Julia enters Michael's office and rummages through his personal papers. She finds a watch (with an inscription that reads "To Michael, from Dad") and a cop's gold shield. Hearing footsteps, she puts the items back in the drawer. Michael wants to know what she's doing here. She misplaced her Bible, Julia stammers. Dismissing his feelings of suspicion, Michael asks Sister Rebecca to join him in a glass of sherry. They talk about his past as a policeman.

Cruz's Family is Coming to Town
Not willing to accept the fact that she'll never have children, Eden flies to Paris for a risky operation. Meanwhile, Cruz is busy taking care of Chip and is glad when his mother arrives to help out. His mood sours when Carmen announces they've lost the family house. Cruz offers to buy his mother a place in Santa Barbara. Castillo also wants to keep an eye out on his younger brother, Ric -- but he has to find him first.

Broken Vows
A depressed Kelly turns to TJ for comfort. Over a bottle of wine, Kelly tells TJ she thinks he has wanted to kiss her for a long time. He promptly kisses her with a passion that surprises them both, then says he shouldn't have done that. Kelly admits she's been attracted to TJ for a long time and asks him to make love to her. The next morning Kelly doesn't want to face Jeffrey so she seeks refuge at Cruz's. Meanwhile, Jeffrey arrives at the Armonti offices in search of his wife. When TJ reveals where Kelly is, Sophia asks how he knew that. Daniels admits that Kelly spent the night with him. Jeffrey storms over to the beach house and insists on an explanation. Kelly owns up to the fact that she was with TJ, but says they were just talking. Does she want a divorce? Jeffrey asks. No, she just needs time alone, Kelly responds.

A Party for Mason
Ted decides to throw a party in honor of Mason and the whole town turns out; Since she can't count on TJ's help in getting Kelly away from Jeffrey, a desperate Pamela decides to take matters into her own hands. She poisons Kelly's margarita and smiles triumphantly as Kelly falls to the ground in pain. At the hospital, Scott announces to the Capwells that Kelly has slipped into a coma. Keith suspects Jeffrey of trying to kill his wife in order to cash in on her life-insurance policy. While TJ keeps a vigil on Kelly's bed, Keith brings Jeffrey down to headquarters for questioning.

Brother and Sister Reunion
An emotionally distraught Sister Sarah begins walking in her sleep. Afraid that she'll get hurt, Father Michael turns to his sister, Heather, for help -- despite the fact that they haven't spoken to each other in years. When Heather announces that she wants to begin therapy with Sarah at the hospital, Michael disputes the idea. Heather gives in, saying he could always out-argue her. As Heather leaves, Michael's face reveals the relief -- and worry -- that he feels.

Moving Forward
Back at work, Scott convinces Heather that they need to spend some time together outside of the hospital. Despite her fear of getting involved, Heather can't deny her attraction to Dr. Clark and agrees to join him for a picnic at the beach. There, the two make love. Afterward, Heather worries whether she was any good.

A New House
Determined to be one big, happy family, Cain moves himself, Andrea and Ming Li into a new house. Cain has never felt more content, which inspires him to pop the question. At the same time, the Major calls Andrea and asks her to come over to discuss business. Cain is miffed when Andrea rushes out without giving him an answer. The Major has just put his plan to break up Cain and Andrea into motion.

Ming Li immediately begins flirting with Cain. Uncomfortable, Cain sits his "daughter" down for a chat. She should be careful about the way she acts around men, Cain warns. Ming Li plays innocent and asks him if he thinks she was coming on to him. Cain immediately denies this but continues to feel uncomfortable. Andrea returns and accepts Cain's proposal. All Ming Li can do is watch as they kiss passionately.

The Capwells continue their vigil by Kelly's side and are disgusted to find TJ hanging around the hospital. When Sophia confronts TJ, he admits that he loves Kelly. Meanwhile, languishing in jail, Jeffrey realizes that his mother is behind Kelly's attempted murder and threatens to kill her with his bare hands. A panicky Pamela decides to pin the rap on TJ. She plants the margarita glass in his trunk and later, plants a vial of the drug in his jacket. Then, Pamela approaches Keith, requesting that Jeffrey be released and all charges be dropped. In return, she will provide the name of the real assailant and pay Keith one million dollars. Later, when TJ is arrested and Jeffrey is released, Pamela gives Gina half the money, promising to turn over the rest when TJ is convicted. Over at the hospital, Jeffrey sits by Kelly's side and is elated when she opens her eyes.

Ed. Note: This is the moment they switched Kellys. Robin Wright left for Kimberly MacArthur (who only stayed around long enough to drag out the TJ story before Kelly went to Paris).

Comings and Goings
Kimberly MacArthur (Kelly Capwell Conrad).
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas.
Training: Bob Carnegie and (vocal coach) Evelyn Joan Halus.
Experience: The feature film "Don't Let Go," the miniseries "Elvis and Me," guest appearances on several nighttime episodes including "Magnum PI" and "Highway to Heaven," toured with the Playboy production of "Girls of Rock 'n Roll," appeared in the music video of Mel Tillis's "A Cowboy Dream," can currently be seen in several TV commercials (including AT&T, Merrill Lynch and Kleenex).
Favorite Passion: She loves to travel, and lists London and Hong Kong as favorite destinations.

Feature story called, "On Strike."
Highlights from the story dealing with the writers' strike:
Cutline of a photo showing Julia and Keith: Santa Barbara script writer Gary Tomlin says the show's structure isn't good these days. The strike also seemed to have interfered with SB's plans to have Julia (Nancy Grahn) act as a watchdog in DA Keith Timmon's (Justin Deas) office.

Q. Did you prepare for the strike?
Gary Tomlin: Story-wise, I think the producers of both shows (he also works as a director for "Another World") are sticking with the long-term story material, but it will not last much longer and then they are going to be in big trouble."

Q. Who do you think is writing the shows?
Tomlin: I can only assume that production people are doing the writing and maybe a guild member now and then because some days I will get a script (when I am directing AW) and it will be really good.

Q. Do you still watch your shows? How does it feel?
Tomlin: I try to watch Santa Barbara whenever I can and I notice the structure of the show isn't very good these days.

Q. What was the hardest thing you've had to do in your life?
Nancy Grahn: When I was fifteen, I experienced my first love. He was this incredible musician; very talented and a real heartthrob. He was killed in a car accident. When you're that young, it's an especially hard thing to go through. It was very traumatic for everyone -- he was very popular. The whole school was shocked. I didn't eat for two months. Luckily, my parents were very supportive.

Feature story called, "Life in a Fish Bowl."
Highlights from a story dealing with stars losing their anonymity:

Santa Barbara's Kristen Meadows (Tori) says that the celebrity recognizability factor is particularly bothersome at restaurants. "It's very disconcerting to be sitting in a coffee shop, with no makeup on and a few new pimples, and you notice these people just staring at you over the partition, whispering about you. You know they're saying, 'God, doesn't she look awful without her makeup?' or 'Her hair looks so frizzy.' In some ways you'd almost prefer that they come up and ask for your autograph and say, 'Aren't you on Santa Barbara?' because it's pretty creepy with them gaping at you like that. It goes back to the ultimate fear that everyone has, which is that people are talking badly about you. And it happens all the time."

However, like many of her acting peers, Meadows concedes that surrendering privacy is the price one must pay to become a celebrity. "I really think it is great to be recognized and I will always sign autographs if people approach me in a courteous manner. But, in the middle of a meal in a restaurant is not the proper place. I'll never forget the time I was on a first date with this guy. The wine had just been poured and we were just getting to know each other. Suddenly, these three girls are at our table and they just took over the entire meal. It can get very frustrating at times," sighs Meadows.

For Santa Barbara's Robin Wright (Kelly), who is especially recognizable since her starring role in last year's film "The Princess Bride," her blonde tresses are a dead giveaway. "I always tell Robin she should put her hair up into a cap," says the show's press coordinator, Mary Anderson, who's also a friend of the actress. "When I go out with some of the stars on our show, I really feel sorry for them sometimes. People just don't leave them alone. I think it must be horrible to never be able to just go somewhere to enjoy yourself; to just get away."