From the November 29,1988 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Ask Us
Q. How is it that Sophia Capwell and Lionel Lockridge are Brick Wallace's parents on Santa Barbara?
A. Years ago, Sophia and Lionel had an affair. The product was a baby that she and CC named Channing Capwell, Jr. (Sophia allowed her husband to think the boy was his). Lionel's mother, Minx, couldn't stand the thought of a Lockridge being raised as a Capwell, so while the baby was still in the hospital after its birth, she switched him with a baby born to the Wallace family. So, the young man who was raised as Channing Capwell, Jr., was by birth a Wallace; and Brick Wallace (who was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, carnival performers) was by birth a Capwell/Lockridge. Get it?

Sounding Board
I think Santa Barbara did a great service to the public with its portrayal of Eden's rape, showing that it can happen to anyone. Rape is not a crime of passion, it is an act of violence against women. Marcy Walker turned in a stellar performance as the victim of this horrible crime. Her scenes with A Martinez (Cruz) were nothing short of brilliant, and his outrage and desire for revenge were natural and played to perfection. Marcy ran the gamut of emotions: terror, outrage, anger and hysteria. Most importantly, show showed that rape does not have to be the end of a woman's life, that she can go on with the love and support of her family. She showed that a victim can still have fight left in her after this ordeal. Marcy Walker has turned in a performance that Emmys were made for.
B.S., Levittown, NY

I can't tell you how appalled I am by Eden's rape on Santa Barbara. Haven't she and Cruz been through enough already? The show was getting on the right track with its stories about Cruz and Eden's attempts to have a baby, and Eden's pursuit of a career in journalism, and smartly moving away from constantly putting the two in life-threatening situations and every other imaginable form of misery. I don't see why the producers felt it was necessary to have another rape storyline on the show, anyway, since they already had the story in which Hayley was brutally raped and Tori and Jane were terrorized by the Pillowcase Rapist. SB just took everything that well-deserved Emmy for Best Daytime Drama stood for and threw it out the window. Shame on them.
R.N., Los Angeles, CA

With no evidence to hold him, the cops release Critter. Cruz and Detective Boswell become frustrated when they are unable to turn up any new leads. Meanwhile, CC gets the police's file on the case from an inside source and resolves to take matters into his own hands. Wheels turning, Capwell decides to throw a costume party in hopes of flushing out the rapist.

For her part, Lydia believes that Cain is the attacker and is determined to nail him at the affair.

Scott returns from London but can't seem to get Heather away from Zack. Fed up, Clark puts in an anonymous call to his girlfriend, telling her there's an emergency at her apartment. Heather rushes over there - only to find Scott throwing a welcome home party for himself. The two begin a shouting match. She demands to know where he was every night - she called him at all hours. He was in his hotel room but was too angry to pick up the phone, Scott responds. Their anger eventually turns to passion.

The next day at the hospital, after Heather and Scott decide to go to the costume party together, Arthur approaches them and tells Scott that he will have to work that night. Scott is furious but makes Heather promise that she will attend anyway. She agrees, but tells him that she won't have much fun.

Cruz is angry at CC for even thinking of throwing such a party and putting so many women at risk - despite the fact that there will be extra-tight security. Eden is adamant about going and wants her husband to escort her. He will - if she promises to stay with him the entire evening, Cruz responds. She promises.

Andrea returns to town to try and resolve things with Cain. She wants him to go into therapy. He refuses, saying he already tried that and it didn't help. All he needs is her, Cain murmurs. Andrea needs more time.

Later, Ms. Bedford stops by the Major's to pick up some things. She lets him know that what he did to Cain is unforgivable. She slaps him and leaves.

The guests are in their costumes - Zack is Robin Hood; Heather is a geisha; CC is George Washington; Sophia is Martha; Kelly is Little Bo Peep; TJ is the Executioner; Julia is Mem. Pompadour; Mason is Louis XV; Eden is Juliet; Cruz is Romeo; Michael is Casanova; Lydia is Marilyn Monroe; the Major is Darth Vader; Gina is Count Dracula; Arthur is Julius Caesar; Tori is Cleopatra; Cain is a pirate; Andrea is Helen of Troy; and Boswell is a Keystone Cop - and the party is in full swing.

Lydia latches onto Cain but he's depressed about his relationship with Andrea and walks off into the night. Kelly's costume won't stay closed, so the Major offers to go get her some tape. Scott arranges for someone to cover for him at the hospital and arrives at the party in disguise.

Meanwhile, Andrea is walking along the beach, lost in thought. Suddenly, she hears something in the bushes. There is a look of recognition on her face as a man appears before her. Scared, Andrea turns to run, but a black gloved hand grabs her from behind.

Cruz becomes worried when he can't find Andrea. He and Boswell find her dead, face down on the beach. The Major is kneeling over Andrea's body, holding a bloody knife. He explains that he came out for some fresh air and found her like this. Boswell hustles the Major to the station while Cruz fills in the guests. Eden completely breaks down, convinced that the rapist mistook Andrea for her.

CC blames himself for what happened. He shouldn't have thrown the party. Sophia tells him he was taking action on behalf of his family. Cruz and Eden try to comfort Cain, who is overcome with grief. Cain is brought to the station for questioning. He and the Major accuse each other of the murder. Cain plans to leave town. Cruz lets him go. Later, Boswell gets a search warrant and finds one of Eden's bloody towels in Cain's house. Boswell lashes out at a stunned Cruz for letting Garver get away.

CC tries to persuade Sophia to move back to the mansion for her safety. She won't. He walks her to the door, hoping to be asked in for a nightcap. Sophia declines. Left alone, Sophia undresses as the rapist appears. He puts his hand over her mouth before she can scream.

Scared out of his wits at the prospect of marrying Julia, Sonny heads for the Country and Western Bar for a couple of bourbons. He runs up a ten-thousand dollar gambling debt. With only four hours to pay up, Sonny seeks Gina's help. Bunny walks in the door and offers a plan. Back at the bar, Sonny hands the Gambler an envelope. Then, Bunny walks in and challenges the Gambler to a card game - with stakes at twenty thousand dollars.

As Cruz and Eden share the joy of the baby's first kick, doubts enter Cruz's mind about who the baby's father really is. He wants her to let Zack do the amnio test. Eden is sure the baby is Cruz's. Later, Eden agrees to have the test.

Heather and Michael have dinner with Arthur. Heather has to break a date with Scott to go, but he understands. Arthur talks about their pleasant childhood memories. Michael proposes a toast to better communications among them.

Late Breaking News

Caught in the Act: SB's Julia will intercept a note from Gina, arranging a rendezvous with Sonny. Julia's suspicions will lead her to Gina and Sonny making love, the night before her wedding to Mason. That devastating discovery will prompt a not very surprising decision.

Hallucinations? Still shaken by her brutal rape, Eden will start thinking she's hearing and seeing things. She'll also get a tape from the rapist, saying he's angry that Cain is getting all the "credit" for the attacks.

Also, SB is ranked 10 out of 12 for the week ending Oct. 7, 1988.

Comings and Goings
Coming: Russell Curry (Lt. Boswell) has taken over this recurring role since the producers wanted to make the character younger and sexier; viewers will recognize the actor from his stint as Another World's Carter Todd.

Going: Jon Cypher (Arthur Donnelly) - the actor left to make a film; the door has been left open for his possible return or the role may be recast.

November Birthdays
Todd McKee (Ted Capwell, SB) November 4
Marcy Walker (Eden Castillo, SB) November 26

News Section
Soap Violence: We hear a lot about how much violence there is in prime-time television and in movies, and now we're beginning to hear the same about daytime drama. Are the soaps getting too violent?

In view of the rape storyline on Santa Barbara - which has drawn its fair share of criticism because of its graphic brutality - I thought I'd begin by going to the source. SB's head writers, Anne Howard Bailey and Chuck Pratt, Jr., told me how the now-famous scene came about. "We began by doing research," said Pratt. "I read a book that made me feel ashamed to be a man, so we used that emotion in Cruz's (A Martinez) reaction to the rape of his wife. We decided not to handle the rape delicately. Why do it at all if you don't make a statement; if you don't tell it realistically? We didn't want to make it appear a sexual act, but as what it really was - an act of violence."

"Rape is one of the most horrible crimes, perhaps the most horrible next to murder," added Bailey. "It is a murder, of a woman's privacy and her soul. We wanted to shock people into realizing how violent an act it is, to shock them into reporting a rape if it happens to them, or reporting someone who has committed rape. To have shown the rape as realistically as we could was being responsible, not irresponsible. We would have been irresponsible if we had treated it lightly."

Marcy Walker, who as Eden, was the subject of the rape, heard from a lot of worried fans who were concerned about the fact that she's pregnant and extra vulnerable. But Walker came through it like a trooper. She even had more than one worried parent. Judith McConnell (Sophia), who plays her mom on the show, had her own thoughts about the ordeal. "Mothers suffer terribly for their children. I felt helpless watching Marcy doing the scene and I thought about how we must be there for our daughters, to surround them with love. I think a rape is devastating for both parents. It makes you realize you can't protect your children like you once could. In general, I think there is too much violence in film and on TV and, as a consequence, I will not watch it. I wasn't offended by the rape scene. I feel it was an effective educational tool and very good for our society to see. The rape and its aftermath showed that a woman doesn't need to be afraid to speak up when a violent act is committed against her. I feel the viewers learned something. I feel we all did."

Monogamy Rules: On Santa Barbara, Jane Rogers (Heather) is involved in one of those ubiquitous triangular situations, and I wondered how she felt about that in real life. It didn't take her a minute to come up with an answer. "Can you romantically love two people at the same time? Not a chance in hell. I don't see how that could ever happen or work. In my own life, loving one man is fulfilling enough for me - I don't want anyone else. If everything is good in a relationship, you don't need anyone else. Jane's boyfriend is Daniel Roja, star of the film Salsa.

Everybody in the Pool: Can't you just imagine Santa Barbara's Todd McKee (Ted) and Ross Kettle (ex-Jeffrey) getting shoved into the swimming pool at the posh Santa Barbara party that celebrated the show's Emmy, its one thousandth episode, and its fourth anniversary? That's exactly what happened, and the two impromptu swimmers were joined by Todd's girlfriend, Katie Johnson, and the daring Frank Runyeon (Father Michael). It all started when Todd started dancing a little too close to the pool and one thing led to another. What led up to all this was one of the swankiest parties ever, held at a gorgeous private mansion. Everyone was there, coifed and dressed to the max, and there was food to die for. Overheard prior to the impromptu pool party was Jed Allen's (CC) announcement that two of his three sons are now engaged to be married .... Kimberly McArthur (Kelly) arrived with her boyfriend, Greg Champion, who causes a stir among the old-movie buffs wherever he goes (he's the son of the multi-talented Marge and Gower Champion). After that it was either into the pool or run for your life if you didn't feel like getting wet!

Status Chart
It will be a Christmas marriage for Santa Barbara's Chip Mayer (TJ) and his finance, Shauna Sullivan.

Diva: What We Should Be Grateful For

6. Hair
TJ's haircut, Santa Barbara
I was ready to send a personal thank you note to Mr. California when he revealed his shorn locks. But then he turned around and what did we see? A little tail of hair hanging down his neck. He must have heard this was a trend somewhere. It's not.