A Meeting with Frank Runyeon

By Anne-Marie Nijssen
San Jose, California

Last Tuesday (Jan 22nd 2002) I saw Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly) when he was performing one of his one-man theatrical performances in our church.

This time it was Sermon on the Mount, one of four he has written so far. He also talked about "Hollywood and the 3 big lies" which is basically a lecture about the influence of the media on our lives and how it can replace faith and God. It wasn't "heavy" though, he is very down to earth and mixes a lot of humour into his speech.

One of his introductory remarks that really cracked me up was that he was "warning" us that he would use us as characters/props in his play, but we didn't have to worry about saying anything as that character because, as he said: "All the lines are mine."

It was a very good performance, I enjoyed it very much. Afterwards he stayed to talk with the audience and I even got an autograph! He is a very nice man indeed.

He mentioned that he just relocated his family from Connecticut to the Los Angeles area and that he might be doing some guest-starring this summer. He didn't mention in what shows or movies.

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