This is from Soap Opera Digest, sometime in 1993.

Musical Memories

SB may be off the air, but that does not mean that fans have forgotten it. If you've been humming the farewell song from SB's last episode, "Don't Say Goodbye," then we have some good news for you: The song's available on cassette. Dominic Messinger, who wrote the song, says he'll never forget the experience. "Writing the song was very emotional for me," he relates. "I'd been working with SB for 8-1/2 years, so I wanted it to be a special song." According to Messinger, the song was originally called "Never Let Go." The new title was suggested by SB Executive producer Paul Rauch. "Paul listened to the initial demo, and had me rewrite the last few lines so that the last word was 'goodbye,"' the composer explains. "I think it worked out really well. It made it more complete." If you'd like to purchase a copy of "Don't Say Goodbye," send a $10 check or money order to: New Age Music, Inc. c/o Dominic Messinger, 1520 South Beverly Glen Blvd., #304, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Note: I have been informed that this cassette is no longer available.