The original version of this list of songs used on Santa Barbara was compiled by Liz Fox in 1993 with the help of many folks on the newsgroup. Since it appeared on the web, many others have submitted additions via e-mail. Special thanks go to Kerstin Zarbock, whose own song list has been a significant contribution. Corrections and additions are welcome. The most recent additions and changes are noted in red.

Song Artist Characters
"A Groovy Kind of Love"Phil CollinsCruz and Eden
"A Little Bit Of Heaven"Natalie ColeCruz and Eden
"A Song For You"Chard HaywardRichard Sedgewick sang for the President
"Action Jackson"Dominic Messinger
"Aftershock"Debbie BachteilRobert and Quinn
"All Alone"Chris Ferren
written by Rick Rhodes, Gary Griffin, and Dominic Messinger
Cruz after Eden's "death"
"All At Once"Whitney Houston
"All I Have"Beth Neilson ChapmanCruz and Eden
"All My Life"State Of The HeartCruz and Eden
"All My Life"Cathy Hudrall/Cayanie MusicCruz and Eden
"Almost Paradise"Mike Reno and Ann Wilson
"Always You"James Ingram
"Always You"James Patrick Dunne
"Amazing Grace"Judy CollinsAdriana's memorial service
"Angel"???Cruz and Eden
"Another Day in Paradise"Phil CollinsKelly and Joe
"Another Place, Another Time"Grant Saidiner and Ron BousteadMason and Julia
"Baby Can You Hear It"???Emily and Greg
"Back to Avalon"Kenny LogginsMason and Julia
"Bad Boys"Dominic Messinger and Art Phillips
"Benny and the Jets"Elton JohnCruz and Eden
"Big Fun"Nora HendryxGina and C.C.
"Black and Blue"Air SupplyC.C., Sophia, and Gina
"Borderlines"Jeffrey OsborneEden and Cruz
"Bring It Back"Dominic MessingerKelly and Jeffrey
"Broken Wings"Mr. MisterKelly thinks of Robert at the Oasis
"Buried Treasure"Leonard Tucker
"Can This Be Real Love"Dan HillMason and Julia
"Can You Read My Mind (theme from Superman)"Michelle NicastroMason; Eden; Cruz
"Can't Fight This Feeling"Reo Speedwagon
"Can't We Try"Dan HillKelly and Jeffrey
"Carme"RockwellTed played at KUSB
"Chablis"Dominic Messinger and Pam Scheer
"Chances Are"Johnny Mathis(?)Julia and Mason
"The Change In Me Is You"James Dunne and Jill Collucci
written by James Dunne
Cruz and Eden
"Change Up/Change of Pace Melody"James Dunne and Dominic Messinger
"City Folks and Country Music"Rick RhodesKelly and Jeffrey return to America
"Come Into My Life"Laura Branigan and Joe EspositoHeather and Scott
"Come See About Me"The SupremesEden's wedding shower
"The Comfort Zone"Vanessa WilliamsKelly and Cruz
"Coming Around Again"Carly SimonJulia and Mason
"Crazy Love"Amy Keys
"Dad's Theme"James P. DunneCC
"Dance of Love"Dan HillTed and Katarina; CC and Angela
"Dangerous Kiss"Liz LachmanKelly and Dylan
"Deja Vu"Dionne WarwickScott and Celeste
"Devil In Disguise"Dominic MessingerQuinn
"Do You"Scheherazade Stone
written by Lorraine Feather
Suzanne and Cruz
"Don't Leave Love"BJ ThomasCruz and Eden
"Don't Say Goodbye"Scottie Haskell
written by Dominic Messinger
Warren and B.J./final episode theme
"Drive My Car"BeatlesGina and Keith
"Edge of Love"Eden and Cruz
"Esther"Kenny GGina
"Every Time You Go Away"Paul YoungCruz and Eden
"Everything I Got...Belongs"Alle(?)Minx
"The Eyes of Love"Liz LachmanCourtney and Pearl
"Fait Accompli"???Julia and Michael
"Faith"George MichaelGina and Keith's wedding
"Father Figure"George MichaelMichael thinks of Julia
"Fight For Your Love"Scott MartinWarren and Cassie; Aurora and Saywer
"First Time Love"Patti AustinRobert,Quinn,Kelly
"Follow the Future"Bill RevelesSandra and Cruz
"French Kissing in the USA"Carol ChapmanKelly and Ric
"Give a Little More"???Eden and Cruz
"Going Home"Kenny GLaura and Ethan; Gina and Keith
"Golden Gate"Dominic Messinger and Art PhillipsEden and Cruz
"Greatest Love Affair"Jeffrey OsborneEden and Cruz; Sophia and CC; Kelly and Joe's wedding
"Greatest Love Of All"Whitney Houston
"Hands to Heaven"BreatheMichael and Julia
"Happy Ending"Dominic Messinger
"Happy Endings"Little Richard & The Beach Boys Cruz and Eden
"Heaven Help This Lonely Man"Peter Cetera Father Michael ponders leaving the priesthood
"Help Me Make It Through The Night"Gladys Knight and the PipsCassie/Warren/Julia/Mason at Alcatraz
"Here Comes Another Fool"Leonard TuckerKelly and Quinn; Kelly and Craig; Rafe and Lilly; Reese and Andie
"Here We Are"Gloria EstefanCruz and Eden
"Hold Me Forever Tonight"James P. DunneEden and Cruz
"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"Mel CarterCain and Eden; Cruz and Eden
"Hold On"Wilson PhillipsKelly and Craig
"How Deep Does it Go"Carl AndersonAmado and Laken
"Hyperactive"Robert PalmerTed played at KUSB
"I Am What I Am"Gloria GaynorBunny
"I Believe In You and Me"Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.Eden and Cruz
"I Can't Help Falling In Love With You"Corey HartKelly and Jeffrey
"I Can't Let Go"Air SupplyMason after Mary's death
"I Can't Make You Love Me"Bonnie RaittAngela and Warren
"I Hear the Call"The UnforgivenTed played at KUSB
"I Like It"Dino
"I Love You"???Eden and Cruz
"I Only Have Eyes For You"George Benson/Elaine PaigeSasha sings at the Lair
"I Want To Live in Santa Barbara"Rick Rhodes
written by Rick Rhodes, Vivian Rhodes, and Joe Harnell
"I'll Be There"
(a.k.a. "Shelter from the Storm")
Walker IglehartEden and Cruz
"I'm Your Man"Barry ManilowJane/Roxanne's request of Ted at KUSB
"I'm Not In Love"10 ccRobert
"If Ever You're in My Arms Again"Peabo BrysonKelly and Joe
"If I Believed"Patti AustinCruz and Eden
"If I Should Lose You"DreamloversCain and Eden
"If You Say, My Eyes Are Beautiful"Jermaine Jackson and Whitney HoustonMary and Mason
"If You Should Go"Etta CameronEden and Cruz
"I'll Do Anything"Bob Rosenight club scenes(?)
"Imagine"John LennonCruz and Eden
"In Your Arms"Dominic MessingerCruz and Eden recover Adriana in Paris
"Intimacy"Liz LachmanCain and Andrea
"Isn't It Romantic"Michael FeinsteinCC and Sophia
"Isn't She Lovely"Stevie WonderEden and Adriana in the hospital
"It All Begins Again"James P. DunneEden and Cruz
"It's Never Easy"Dominic MessingerMason (Lane Davies's last scene)
"It's Too Late"Carole KingJulia; Mason and Cassie
"I've Been Dreaming"Jack WagnerWarren and B.J.
"Just Once"James IngramCruz and Eden
"Keep This Love Alive"David Pack
written by Tom Scott
"Keeper of the Fire"Liz LachmanRobert and Eden
"The Last Time I Felt Like This"Johnny Mathis and Jane OlivorCruz and Eden
"The Last Time I Made Love"Jeffrey Osborne and Joyce KennedyKelly and Joe at the Presidential Suite of the Capwell Hotel
"Laughing At the Years"State of Art
"Laura"Rick Rhodes and Dominic MessingerLaura and Ethan
"Lay You Down"Liz LachmanJane/Roxanne
"Learn To Love Again"Lou Rawls and Tata VegaCruz and Eden
"The Life You Dream"Judy CollinsAdriana
"Listen"Cliff Downes and Randy GoodrunHeather and Scott
"Little One"Adlai AlexanderAdriana, Eden, Cruz
"Look Before You Leap"Bob Rose and Craig Stullnight club scenes(?)
"Lonely is the Night"Air SupplyGina and CC
"Lost in a Minute"Richard Elliott and Gary BrownJodie and Reese
"Lost Without You"BeBe & CeCe WinansScott and Celeste
"Love After Dark"Leonard TuckerKelly and Cruz
"Love Me Again"Liz LachmanTed played at KUSB
"Love Of My Life"George BensonCruz and Eden
"Love and Marriage"Frank SinatraJulia and Mason
"Love is On Your Mind"Jack WagnerWarren
"Loving These Days Last"
(a.k.a. "Our Love Will")
Carl AndersonJulia and Mason
"Loving You"Cindi Nassi and Scott MartinHeather and Scott; Laura and Michael
"Miami Beach"Dominic Messinger and Pam ScheerMary and Mason; Julia and Mason
"Midnight at the Oasis"Maria Muldaurthe night Amado was shot
"Modern Day Camelot"Adlai Alexander
"Moments in Love"Art of NoiseRobert
"Money"Joey ScarburyGina and Sonny
"The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"Judy CollinsEden thinking of Adriana
"Moondance"Van Morrison
"Moonlight In Your Eyes"Richard ElliotCruz and Eden
"More Than Just the Two of Us"SneakerHeather and Scott (when she became pregnant)
"Mountain Man"Dominic MessingerEden in Utah
"Mountains to the Moon"Neil McCoyGina and Lionel; Lilly and Rafe
"Mrs. Capwell's Cookies"Robin Mattson
written by Dominic Messinger
"Music of the Night"Michael CrawfordQuinn
"My Favorite Year"Michael FeinsteinCC and Sophia
"My Funny Valentine"Carly SimonCruz and Eden
"My Heart Can Wait Forever"Jeffrey OsborneEden and Cruz
"My Imagination"Downes and PriceJake and Hayley
"Never 2 much of U"Dino
"Never Thought (That I Could Love)"Dan HillMason and Julia
"New York, New York"Frank SinatraJake's going away party
"The Night Goes On"Kenny RogersEden and Cruz
"No More Lonely Nights"Paul McCartneyMason and Santana
"No One Knows"Dion and the BelmontsB.J. and Warren
"Nobody Loves Me Like You Do"Whitney Houston and Jermaine JacksonLaken and Ted; Warren and Summer
"Nobody's Joking"George MichaelKeith and Gina's wedding
"Nothing Can Take Me Away from You"Cathy Hudrall/CayanieCruz and Eden
"Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You"Glenn MedeirosJulia and Mason
"Nothing In Common"Dominic Messinger and John ParkerJulia and Michael
"Now and Forever"Air Supply
"Now and Forever"Anne MurraySophia and C.C.
"On the Wings of Love"Jeffrey OsborneJoe and Kelly
"One Way"Al JarreauEden and Robert
"Our Love Ageless and Timeless"???Eden and Cruz
"Our Love is Here to Stay"Michael FeinsteinSophia and CC
"Overjoyed"Stevie WonderMason thinks of Mary and Tori
"Partners in Crime"???Eden and Cruz
"The Perfect Life"Bourgeois TaggTed played at KUSB
"The Place You Take Me To"Cindi NassiKelly and Quinn; Kelly and Craig
"Power of Love"Laura BraniganEden and Cruz
"Power of Love"Huey Lewis and the NewsEden and Cruz
"Prisoners of Our Past"???Cruz and Tori
"Pyramids of Pleasure"TripletsKelly and Cruz
"Remember When"Dominic Messinger
"Reunite"Dominic Messinger, Anthony Marinelli, and Brian BanksEden and Cruz
"The River"Bruce SpringsteenScott and Celeste
"Room in Your Heart"Living In a Box
"Running Through the Whiskey"Lane DaviesSonny
"Salt Air"Dominic Messinger and Pam ScheerScenes at the Orient Express
"Save the Best for Last"Vanessa WilliamsCC and Santana first make love
"Send in the Clowns"Chard HaywardRichard Sedgewick sang at museum of the Armonti tiara
"Shaft (theme song)"Issac HayesCruz, Reese, and Kelly danced to at Cruz's high school reunion
"Should Be Mine"Jack WagnerCassie and Angela
"Since I Fell For You"Lenny WelchRobert and Kelly
"Slave to Love"Bryan FerryCruz/Eden/Robert
"Smooth Love"MetropolisCruz and Eden
"So Much in Love"Art GarfunkelCruz and Eden's wedding at Pebble Creek
"Solid"Ashford and SimpsonCruz and Eden
"Someone That I Used to Love"Barbara StreisandKelly and Robert
"Sometimes When We Touch"Dan Hill and Rique Franks
"Somewhere"???Michael and Laura
"Songs to Aging Children Come"Joni MitchellAdriana's memorial service
"Soul Provider"Michael BoltonEmily and Greg
"The Sound of Silence"Paul Simon and Art GarfunkelBrandon mourning Bunny's "death"
"Stars in Your Eyes"Air SupplyCC and Sophia
"Stay With Me Tonight"Jeffrey Osborne
"Stepping Out With My Baby"Fred AstaireMason proposes to Julia
"The Storm Will Pass"John Ray JohnstonKelly and Quinn; Kelly and Craig
"Such a Thing as Heaven"Dan Phillips
written by Lorraine Feather, Dominic Messinger, and Rick Rhodes
Julia and Mason
"Suddenly"Billy OceanKelly and Nick's first dance
"The Summer's Mood"???Denise Foxworthy
"Sunrise"The TripletsB.J./Troy
"Swayin' to the Music (Slow Dancin')"Johnny Rivers(?)Heather and Scott; Celeste and Scott
"Sweet and Simple"Dominic Messinger, Anthony Marinelli, and Brian BanksKelly and Nick
"Take This Love"Sergio Mendes and Joe PizzuloCruz and Eden
"Thank My Lucky Stars"Ken CummingsCain and Andrea
"That's What Love is All About"Michael Bolton
"The Miracle of Love"Darryl Phinnessee
written by Rick Rhodes, Dominic Messinger, and Marc Greene
Ted and Hayley; Eden and Cruz; Mason and Julia's Christmas 1987
"They Can't Take That Away From Me"Tuck and PattiCruz and Eden
"Think About You"Cleo Laine
written by Stephen Sondheim
Kelly and Robert
"This is as Good as it Gets"Deniece WilliamsJulia and Mason; Heather and Scott
"Through the Fire"Chaka KhanCruz and Eden
"Thru it All"Cindi Nassi and Philip LauthEden and Cruz; Ted and Lilly
"Time After Time"Cyndi LauperCruz and Eden
"Time For Love"Bob Herbert and Lala
"Time in a Bottle"Jim CroceMason's funeral
"Together in Our Dreams"Shelby Flint
written by Dominic Messinger and Scott Scheer
Kelly and Jeffrey
"To Be Mine"Jack WagnerWarren and Angela
"Tonight, I Celebrate My Love"Peabo Bryson and Roberta FlackEden and Cruz
"Took You for Granted"Joey ScarburyJodie
"Turn it All Around"written by Billie Hughes, Roxanne Seeman, and Marcy LevyJulia and Michael
"Turn the Beat Around"Laura BraniganJulia and Michael
"Two Worlds Apart"written by Roxanne Seeman and Billie HughesJulia and Michael; Julia and Mason
"Under the Gun"???Julia and Michael
"Up Where We Belong"Joe Cocker and Jennifer WarnesEden and Cruz
"Utah Suite"Dominic Messinger and Rick RhodesEden in Utah
"Vivian's Eyes"Rick Rhodes and Marc GreenePamela's piano theme
"Vogue"MadonnaEden does fashion show in Paris
"Waiting for the Night"Depeche ModeQuinn
"Welcome to the Edge"Billie Hughes/Phillip Lauth
written by Roxanne Seeman, Billie Hughes, and Dominic Messinger
Kelly and Robert; Kelly and Craig
"What More Can I Say"Dominic MessingerCruz and Eden in Monterey
"What You Won't Do For Love"Go WestScott and Celeste
"When I'm Sixty-Four"The BeatlesMason and Julia
"When You Believe in Love"???Eden and Cruz
"When You Touch Me"???Julia and Mason
"Whenever You Dream Of Me"Tom Scott and Diane Schur
written by Lorraine Feather
Ted and Lilly; Ted and Angela and CC
"Where Do We Begin"???Keith and Gina
"Where Do You Start"Michael FeinsteinKeith and Gina
"Who Do You Love"The SapphiresCain and Eden
"Who Loves You"Liz Lachman
"Wouldn't it Be Nice"Beach BoysTed and Laken
"Wind Beneath My Wings"Bette MidlerJulia and Mason
"Wish You Were Here"???Ted and Lilly; CC and Angela
"With This Ring"Judd Friedman and Eric McClureCC and Sophia
"You and Me"???Cruz and Eden
"You Are My Destiny"Paul Anka
"You Are the Love of My Life"George Benson and Roberta FlackEden and Cruz
"You Should Be Mine"Jeffrey OsborneTed played at KUSB
"You Want Me Too"Cindi Nassi and John Ray JohnstonKelly and TJ; Warren and Angela; Ted and Katrina
"You're the Only One Who Knows"Jack WagnerBJ and Warren
"You've Got a Way"Kathy TroccoliAngela and CC
"Your Song"Elton JohnCruz parody
"Yours"Cindi NassiSophia and CC
"Yours"Lorraine Feather, Rick Rhodes, and Dominic MessingerMason and Julia