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1. Who supplied Gina with the drugs she used to get Santana addicted?

2. What happened to Kirk after he saw Gina "coming back from the dead"?

3. After Gina gave birth to Lilly, who made her believe that Lilly died, while she was actually put up for adoption?

4. Who killed Steve Bassett?

5. Who was C.C. Capwell's nurse while he was in a coma?

6. Where did Elena and Cain get acquainted?

7. Who was Gina's lover when she was blind?

8. How did Gina make C.C. marry her for the second time?

9. Who killed Elena Nikolas?

10. Whom was Pearl desperately in love with?

11. Who tossed the bottle that started the fire in Buzz's place?

12. What happened to Cain after Cruz shot him (when he was holding Eden hostage)?

13. Where did Gina hide the tape proving Kelly's innocence in the death of Dylan Hartley?

14. Which married couple in the series had the same brother? who was that brother?

15. What did Jake Morton do for a living after he left the stables?

16. Who kept Brian (Pearl's brother) drugged in the mental hospital and tried to burry him alive in an old church's cemetary?

17. Which 2 Santa Barbara actors started a band called "The High Lonesome"?

18. Who was the cop who helped Cruz escape from prison during his trial for Elena's murder?

19. Why did Keith hate Cruz and Victoria so much?

20. Who was Alice Jackson's mother who died from a rare disease?

21. Where did Cain hold Eden hostage?

22. What was the name of the woman who told Nick Hartley that his brother Dylan is coming to Santa Barbara?

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