This quiz was written by Jim Armstrong.

Answers are here!

1. Whose heart did Kirk Cranston receive as a transplant?

2. Who was Kirk Cranston surprised to find in his bathtub?

3. Who saved Eden and Cruz when Kirk had them trapped in a tank of sharks?

4. What does C.C. stand for?

5. When Brick and Amy went to the island of New Stailand to look for her baby, Julia went along to look for whom?

6. Cruz was kidnapped by a man who got his thrills out of hunting what animal?

7. Michael once played a piece on the piano for Nikki using what unusual objects?

8. Who is Courtney Capwell's father?

9. When Hayley Benson arrived in SB, what was her first job?

10. After Mark raped Mary, whom did she first tell about it?

11. Who shredded evidence in the David Laurent trial?

12. Who prosecuted an innocent man for a crime he himself committed?

13. Who did Marcello blame for the death of his parents in WW II?

14. Who was waiting for Madeline outside the bungalow when she was killed?

15. How did Nikki's ex-boyfriend Marcos die?

16. Whose baby did Jake and Pearl babysit for?

17. During the aftermath of which environmental disaster did Cain and Andrea meet?

18. With whom did Kelly have a romantic relationship with that reminded her of Peter Flint?

19. After Gina pulled the plug on CC, where did she hide the dress and wig she wore?

20. Who told CC that his wife Gina was in bed with Mason?

21. Who found the drugs Gina spiked Eden's drink with the night she pulled the plug on CC?

22. While Santana was married to Cruz, who else did she sleep with?

23. Gina slipped Santana addictive drugs in place of what?

24. Before Gina poisoned Mason's food with lighter fluid so she could get into CC's room, she cancelled Mason's date with whom?

25. What accident caused Mark McCormick's impotence?

26. When Cain was dating Kathleen, a nurse in the hospital, why did their relationship end?

27. Who loaded the gun that Sophia used to shoot Channing?

28. Who unwittingly handed over Johnny Wallace to kidnappers?

29. Who put Sophia under hypnosis, helping her to block out her of mind the death of her son Channing?

30. Who put Scott Clark under hypnosis, helping him to remember the death of his Uncle Hal?

31. When CC hit Gina and caused her blindness, who was her doctor in the hospital?

32. What was the name of Minx Lockridge's late husband?

33. Who suspected Robert Barr was not really Robert Barr after a Barr Industries contract was signed "Quinn Armitage"?

34. Who was Kelly waiting for in the Presidential Suite when Dylan arrived unexpectedly?

35. When Kelly pushed Dylan out of the Presidential Suite at the Capwell Hotel, a hidden video camera was running because the previous occupant of the suite was under police surveillance. Who was this previous occupant?

36. While Eden was married to Kirk, and Cruz was married to Santana, Gina brought a video tape to show Eden that would help her gain custody of Brandon. Unbeknownst to her, the tape was switched and when she played it they saw a cartoon. What was supposed to be on this tape?

37. What was Pearl's real name?

38. What name did Pearl use when he went into Dr. Rawlings's clinic?

39. What was Cain's real name?

40. What was Bunny's real name?

41. Who helped Eden sneak in to visit Cruz in jail during non-visiting hours?

42. Where did Elena Nikolas die?

43. After Ted graduated from high school, where did CC want him to attend college?

44. Why did Flame Beaufort interview Robert Barr?

45. Other than California, in what state was Robert Barr held hostage?

46. Which character received treatment for breast cancer?

47. What was the last item of jewelry Eden attempted to steal before being caught?

48. What was the name of the place where Nikki Alvarez worked?

49. Who became romantically involved with Lydia Saunders?

50. Who was the receptionist at Capwell & Capwell, Attorneys at Law?

51. What type of books was Megan Richardson famous for writing?

52. Who was the principal at the high school where Emily DiNapoli attended?

53. Gina fell in love with a man who was married to an old high school classmate. Who was he?

54. How did Keith Timmons, as District Attorney, conclude that Mason died in the church explosion?

55. Gina used ether to bring back Sonny Sprocket after what event caused Sonny to go away?

56. Who killed Hal Clark?

57. Who killed Eleanor Norris? (warning, this is a trick question!)

58. Who was wrongly jailed for the rape of Hayley Benson?

59. Who was Cruz's partner on the police force who was involved with Alice Jackson?

60. Who was with Kelly when she miscarried with Jeffrey's baby?

61. Who told Julia that Mason was suffering from a split personality?

62. What was the name of the gang member Eden interviewed for her TV news story?

63. When Adriana was kidnapped, a film caught a scar on Zack's foot as he was leaving. Who was shooting this video?

64. Who verified that Zack had a scar on his foot?

65. When Mason went to meet Tonell's widow, who did he expect to see instead of Augusta?

66. When Dash Nichols was an intern, he lost his job over a controversy surrounding his girlfriend's death. What was her name?

67. Who had molested Zack Kelton as a child?

68. Who was the singer at The Lair before Sasha Schmidt?

69. To get closer to Ted Capwell, where did Christy DuVall take a job?

70. Which TV station did Eden work for?

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