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1. Who bought 50000 copies of Nick's book and why?

2. Who made the mysterious phone call to Glenn Wallace and prevented him from coming to the hospital to help Brick?

3. What was the name of the island Kirk and his men were on when they kidnapped Michael and Nikki Alveraz?

4. Who helped Mason recover from Mary's death?

5. Who is Kirk Cranston's father?

6. When Sophia shot Channing to death, who did she really think he was and why?

7. Whom did Santana and Keith hit with Santana's car, and she had a miscarriage as a result of it?

8. Who asked Santana to marry him at the same day she was supposed to marry Mason?

9. What is Brick Wallace's full first name?

10. Who opened a Swiss bank account in Brick's name, and tried to frame him of stealing money from the Lockridges?

11. Why did Augusta forge her own kidnapping?

12. Who solved Madeline's murder case? Who killed Madeline?

13. Who sabotaged Gina's car brakes, which forced her to drive off a cliff?

14. Which famous rock band appeared on Santa Barbara at 1986, and performed a love song for Gina?

15. Who stole Alex Nicholas' serum from Lionel and sold it to CC?

16. When Gina tried to frame Keith of replacing Santana's allergy pills with drugs, where did she plant her framing evidence?

17. Who was the first person to find out where Gina had hidden Kelly's tape?

18. How many psychologists was Elena seeing when she was in Santa Barbara and why?

19. Which 2 couples in the series planned to marry together in the same wedding ceremony?

20. Who saw Elena killing herself?

21. Why was the name "Pearl" given to Michael Bradford III when he came to Santa Barbara?

22. Where is Pearl originally from?

23. What holiday was it when Gina executed her plan to pull the plug on CC?

24. How many times did Kirk try to kill Eden and/or Cruz?

25. Who found Gina and helped her recover after she was lost at sea and thought to have died?

26. Who was Laken's ex-husband, who followed her to Santa Barbara when she came back to town?

27. Who was Victoria's tennis player boyfriend?

28. When Mary died, she was pregnant. Was the father Mason or Mark?

29. Which was the only one of CC's children Elena did NOT try to kill?

30. In which movie is "Santa Barbara" referred to?

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