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1. After Victoria gave birth to Chip, Cruz went to the hospital to check the records and clear his doubts about being the father. Who changed those records to make sure Cruz wouldn't find out the truth?

2. How did Gina find out that Pamela was alive?

3. When Pamela desperately wrote letters to CC asking for help, who made sure to destroy them before they got to him?

4. When Gina and Eden struggled for the gun in the boat-house, what did Gina whisper to Eden that made her suspect somebody else was responsible for her attempted murder?

5. When Mason finally managed to take over "Capwell Enterprises", who ruined his victory celebration?

6. Who saw Gina jumping out of the window after pulling the plug on CC, and thought her to be Eden?

7. Who was the first person to enter CC's room after the plug-pulling? What did he/she do?

8. Who hid evidence from the police implicating Eden in the case of CC's plug-pulling? (more than one person)

9. What did Pearl see at the night of the plug-pulling?

10. Where did Kelly, Pearl and Alice hide after escaping from the mental hospital?

11. Why did Nick and Kelly break up after Dylan was killed?

12. Who was originally supposed to bring Kelly back to Santa Barbara safely? Who replaced him and why?

13. What is the first name of CC's father?

14. After coming back to Santa Barbara and getting cleared from Dylan's murder charges, someone was trying to kill Kelly. Whom did she suspect and why? Who was actually behind the murder attempts?

15. When Gina held the tape proving Kelly's innocence in the death of Dylan, the Capwells tried twice to make Gina believe that someone in the family died, therefore her tape is worthless. Who were the "dead" people?

16. How was Gina finally convinced to give up the tape?

17. What password did CC use so that Gina could easily break into his bank account?

18. After CC woke up from the coma, he kicked Gina out of the Capwell mansion. What was she wearing when she left the house?

19. When Kirk was a drug-lord, what word did he use to greet Cruz when meeting him on the island? What was special about that word?

20. When Eden flew to Hawaii to close the Walton deal after CC's stroke, whom did she expect to find on the plane? Who showed up instead?

21. Who kidnapped Gina in an attempt to put her on a deserted island until she gave up Kelly's tape, a plan that almost ended in the death of both her and Gina?

22. How did Victoria get pregnant with Cruz's child?

23. Why did Victoria get addicted to drugs?

24. What led to Ted and Hayley's marriage? What led to the end of that marriage?

25. Who raped Hayley? Name two other women he tried to rape.

26. Which sisters were both raped by two different people?

27. In the beginning of one of SB's episodes, there was a scene which showed workers redecorating the Capwell Hotel's roof. After they left, a danger sign which warned not to enter the roof was drifted away in the wind. What happened at the end of that episode?

28. Which couple served as creators, head-writers, and executive producers of SB?

29. Who saved Eden when she was held hostage by Santana, who wanted to use CC's plane to escape Santa Barbara with Brandon?

30. Gina was shot in her leg twice during the series. Who shot her the first time? the second time? Who "healed" the wound she had as a result of those injuries?

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