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1. Who tried to kill CC, but ended up saving his life?

2. How did Cruz find out that Sophia killed Channing?

3. Who is the son of Glenn and Jodie Wallace?

4. Whom did Gina use as an alibi for the night of the plug-pulling?

5. Who was the first to find out that CC was the father of Elena and how (besides Pamela, Alex Nicholas, and Elena herself)?

6. Who is CC's eldest child? youngest?

7. What were Jeffrey's plans when he first came to Santa Barbara? What made him change his mind?

8. Who was the first to know that CC had awakened from his coma?

9. Who convinced the D.A. to drop the murder charges against Christy?

10.Which couple got mistakenly involved in the baby-kidnapping scheme that was run by Paul Marshall?

11.Who found out about Keith being involved in the baby-kidnapping scheme? What did Keith do about it?

12.Why did Cruz hire Elena as his partner at "The Last Resort Detective Agency"?

13. What was the name of the short and bald patient at Dr. Rawlings' mental hospital who became friends with Kelly, Pearl and Alice?

14. Who really planned to murder Channing on the night he was accidentally shot to death?

15. Who adopted Alice after she was released from the mental hospital? Who else did he adopt at that time?

16. Who is Jane's half sister?

17. Why did Brick leave Santa Barbara? Who joined Johnny and him?

18. Why did Amy finally decide not to live in New Stailand?

19. How did Jeffrey become the Capwell chauffeur?

20. Who took the gun Dylan used to threaten Kelly with at the night he died, making sure the police won't find it?

21. What was the name of Jeffrey's first wife? second wife?

22. Who is "Mr. C"?

23. On the roof of the Capwell hotel, Mason watched the "C" sign falling on top of Mary and couldn't do anything to save her. Whose life did he save on that same roof a year later?

24. Who went to Elena's grave and put flowers there after her death?

25. What happened to Mel Stock, the movie director and friend of Victoria who supplied her with drugs?

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