Call for Editor in Charge Candidates CESoc Consumer Electronics Transactions


We are announcing an opportunity for qualified IEEE Members who have the time and interest in taking a major role in taking responsibility for the management of our flagship transactions:


We have an amazing EiC currently serving but in accordance with policy he will soon be finishing their 2nd two year term and will not be eligible to continue.  We are seeking qualified candidates to take over as EiC for Consumer Electronics Transactions by starting to work with and be trained by our current EiC.

Our transaction is a mature respected technical journal and with the every expanding scope of what is under the consumer electronics umbrella, the transaction EiC will be challenged to manage a team of reviewers with qualifications needed to do justice to reviewing the emerging category of consumer electronics devices and technology.

We are open to qualified IEEE members from any society especially any who have editorial experience with IEEE or other comparable publications. 

If you have an interest in pursuing these opportunities please contact