IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine Call for Associate Editors

IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine is currently looking for Senior and Associate Editors to take on a variety of responsibilities in the operations and development of our CE Society flagship magazine publication. If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the 

Senior Editorships

The magazine has a number of sources of regular content that appear in each issue. Senior editors with past experience in managing and soliciting content are required for these roles, each with specific management and operational responsibilities. The main roles currently available are:

Senior Editorship - CE News

This is a regular section in every issue. This role requires to gather timely articles and reports covering a wide range of society conferences and publications, local chapter events, the activities of members on the Board of Governors (BoG), society activities – elections, BoG meetings, society participation in TAB meetings, and IEEE events.

Senior Editorship – Regular Columns

The magazine now features up to 8 regular columnists in each issue. These are motivated individuals but there is still a significant amount of work to remind them in time for each issue and to proof and provide feedback on their contributions. This role also includes guiding the material covered by our columnists to make sure it is aligned with and relevant to current trends in Consumer Electronics and also with finding and initiating new columnists.

Senior Editorship – Impacts Section

Impacts explores the socio-economic aspects of consumer electronics and that is quite a wide area to cover. Katina Michael is the acting Senior Editor for this section, but this section can be further developed if we can find the right person. It requires someone with an interest in building an inter-disciplinary bridge between engineers and socio-economic researchers. If you feel that person is you, and you can meet the challenge to manage and further develop our Impacts section please get in touch. 

Senior Editorship – Special Issues

This role requires a Senior Editor to solicit, manage and assist guest and associate editors to bring more of our Calls for Articles to a successful conclusion. It will also require working some our conference committees to find and develop conference activities that will lead to special sections and special issues of CE Magazine. If you are interested in this new and challenging role please contact me. 

Senior Editorship – Soapbox & Champions of CE

Two other special categories of article we’ve established over the first 3 volumes of CE Magazine. Again this role involves significant work to solicit and shepherd new articles.

If you are familiar with CE Magazine then you’ll be familiar with both of these sections of the magazine. If these articles have inspired you then please consider this challenge.


Associate Editorships

A limited number of Associate Editor positions are available. A key mission for AEs is to help increase the number of articles submitted to CE magazine for peer review; in parallel efforts to work to build special sections, or special issues of CE Magazine will be a key responsibility of these roles. A Senior editor and the EiC will provide support and mentor people in these roles.

These positions are open to IEEE members who are willing to take on these roles and responsibilities.

Roles & Responsibilities of Associate Editors

Each AEs will take on their role representing a specific technical field or interest group within the scope of CE. Their responsibilities are two-fold.

Firstly they will have the principle responsibility to solicit articles for peer review in their selected field with a target to achieve at least 4 submitted papers per year.

Secondly, each AE must work on at least one Call for Articles during their first year and bring this to a successful conclusion through a special section or special issue in their second year of tenure.

To become an AE you should first write to me – specifying the following:

(i) what field of interest within CE that you would like to represent;

(ii) provide a Plan-A to solicit content for the peer-review process; please make sure this explains the different measures that you feel are needed to reach out to different communities in your chosen field of interest and how you will go about this outreach program;

(iii) provide a Plan-B to outline at least one Call for Articles you intend to pursue as AE; provide a timeline indicating what conference(s) you would reach out to and what activities you would aim to organize at these in order to compliment your CfA and bring home a Special Issue or Special Section of the magazine.

Please be specific in the details of your planned actions and any associated timelines. If you need some funding to implement these plans please outline budgetary requirements.