The Bliss

Hello from the Blisses
New citizens of California.
We're a busy bunch.
  • As of March of 2010, Bill and Vicki pulled up frozen stakes and het out for California.
    We now live in Oceanside, halfway bwtween San Diego and LA. We live in perpetual June.
  • Father Bill is a computer techno geek, still plays the guitar, is doodling with writing and tests software.
  • Mom Vicki is a Registered Nurse and likes to ride horses.
  • Mandy is an award-winning Science Teacher in the San Francisco area and lives in Oakland.
  • Melanie, still in Massachusetts, runs a dental office and is deply involved in the Renn Fair Realm. Her character Kyeena has developed a large fan base.
  • Hanna, also in Massachusetts, was most recently Animation Director for PBS's Word Girl and is now developing newer programing for the production company, Soup 2 Nuts.
  • Bill's Mom, Vivian, lived to age 93 1/2 in her own home.
  • Vicki's Mom, also Vivian, resides in Westborough's finest nursing home.
Check out our family scrapbooks on the Bliss Family Photopages.

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