This two-part quiz was written by Michael Crider.

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1. On what date did "Santa Barbara" premiere on NBC-TV?

2. What husband and wife team created "Santa Barbara"?

3. What actor was originally hired to play C.C. Capwell?

4. What was Peter Flint's real name?

5. Who did he become engaged to during Santa Barbara's first episode?

6. As the Carnation Killer, what four women did Peter Flint kill?

7. What were Sophia Capwell's four secret identities?

8. Who are Brandon Capwell's biological parents?

9. What four actresses have played Santana Andrade?

10. What is Minx Lockridge's husband's name?

11. Who played Minx Lockridge?

12. Who was the British woman that aided Lionel Lockridge in his quest for the safe in the Amanda Lockridge?

13. What was Amy Perkins' full first name?

14. Where did Amy Perkins find her baby?

15. What animal was Mr. Bottoms shocked to discover in his classroom?

16. Who put it in the classroom?

17. Who arranged the Capwell-Lockridge tunnel explosion to conceal evidence in Channing Capwell, Jr.'s murder case?

18. Who tripped the wire that triggered the explosion?

19. Who was killed in the explosion?

20. What happened to Augusta Lockridge as a result of the explosion?

21. Who set off another explosion in the tunnel, much later, to lure wrongly convicted murderer Cruz Castillo to the Capwell estate?

22. Who was reported dead in that explosion?

23. Who was Cruz Castillo convicted for murdering?

24. When Joe Perkins was released from prison, who went to meet him with a gun at the bus terminal?

25. When Joe's bus arrived at the terminal, who was flying overhead in a helicopter?

26. Who played Channing Capwell, Jr.?

27. What was Channing Capwell, Jr.'s male lover's name?

28. Who left a letter from this man to Channing, Jr. in a safe deposit box?

29. What did Augusta Lockridge do to Laken's pigeon?

30. What had this pigeon been used for?

31. What is Mason Capwell's middle name?

32. Whose ring was Channing, Jr. wearing when he was killed?

33. Who killed Channing, Jr.?

34. Who loaded the gun that fatally wounded Channing, Jr.?

35. What did the note, delivered to Channing, Jr. just before he was killed, say?

36. Years later, who eventually deduced the identity of Channing, Jr.'s killer?

37. How did he prove his theory?

38. Who was Gina Capwell's first husband?

39. In what city did Gina Capwell spend most of her life?

40. What is Ted Capwell's full name?

41. With which two sisters did Jack Lee have affairs?

42. Who held a video tape that cleared. Kelly Capwell of murder?

43. Who was Kelly accused of killing?

44. In what room of the Capwell Hotel did the incident occur?

45. Who originally installed the two-way mirror in that room?

46. Why did Eden Capwell choose "The Orient Express" as the name of her restaurant?

47. Atop what Santa Barbara building is The Orient Express Restaurant located?

48. What member of the Perkins family was killed in the earthquake?

49. What was the Capwell Hotel lobby used for after the earthquake?

50. Where was C.C. Capwell when the earthquake struck?

51. What was he doing there?

52. Where were Lionel and Augusta Lockridge stranded after the earthquake?

53. Where had Lionel been before he found Augusta?

54. Who had Lionel been talking with there?

55. Who saved Santana and Brandon from the gas-filled Andrade home after the earthquake?

56. Who later lit a match that caused an explosion there?

57. Where were Ted Capwell and Warren Lockridge when the earthquake struck?

58. What were Ted and Warren fighting over?

59. In what country did Sophia Capwell become a Countess?

60. In what liquid did Lionel and Augusta Lockridge occasionally bathe?

61. What was Lionel and Augusta Lockridge's love song?

62. Who were Elena Nikolas' biological parents?

63. Who made it look as if Eden Capwell pulled the plug C.C.'s life support system?

64. What condition caused C.C. to slip into a coma?

65. When C.C. regained consciousness, what actor had taken over the role?

66. Who had he replaced?

67. At what type of event did C.C. surprise his family after coming out of his coma?

68. What did Gina Capwell hide in a Capwell atrium archway column?

69. Who later hid photos of Madeline Laurent and Keith Timmons under the atrium fountain?

70. Who killed Madeline Laurent?

71. What was the murder weapon?

72. What was Madeline Laurent's husband's name?

73. What lawyer fell in love with him?

74. What was Keith Timmon's sister's name?

75. Who are Chip Capwell's biological parents?

76. Where was Chip Capwell conceived?

77. What is Chip's full name?

78. What is the name of Mason Capwell's and Julia Wainwright's daughter?

79. What was in the Chinese Puzzle Box found in the wreckage of the Amanda Lockridge?

80. Who discovered the contents of the box?

81. What is Pamela Capwell Conrad's maiden name?

82. Into what river did Pamela Capwell Conrad supposedly jump?

83. In what "fishy" place did Gina Capwell stash the video tape that cleared Kelly Capwell of murder?

84. Who accidently shot Danny Andrade in a liquor store hold-up?

85. Who raped Hayley Capwell?

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