This two-part quiz was written by Michael Crider.

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86. Who supplied the cocaine that Victoria Capwell became addicted to?

87. How was Mary Duvall McCormack killed?

88. Whose baby was she carrying at the time?

89. Who added a confession to Channing Capwell, Jr.'s murder to a note typed by Peter Flint, making it-look as if Peter killed Channing, Jr.?

90. How did the Capwell Hotel fire start?

91. Whose wedding was interrupted by the fire?

92. Who made love in an ambulance after the fire?

93. What singer performed at Kelly and Joe Perkins' wedding reception?

94. Where was the reception held?

95. What television star did Danny Andrade and Jade Perkins bump into in a telephone booth?

96. What was the name of the woman who helped Ted Capwell, Laken Lockridge, Danny Andrade, and Jade Perkins while they spent a summer in Los Angeles?

97. What type of dancing did she do?

98. Of Ted, Laken, Danny, and Jade, which one finally got a part in a movie that summer?

99. Who became jealous of this and why?

100. What policewoman did Warren Lockridge have an affair with?

101. What was her husband's name?

102. What newspaper did Warren Lockridge buy and become editor of?

103. What television star had jewels taken from her Capwell Hotel room?

104. Who performed Cruz and Eden's song "The Change in Ye is You" at the couple's Orient Express engagement party?

105. What did Gina purposely spill on Eden at that party?

106. Where was Santana Andrade when she gave birth to Brandon?

107. Who had sent her there?

108. Who were Brandon's first adoptive parents?

109. How many times has C.C. Capwell been married?

110. What was the name of the casino opened by Dylan Hartley?

111. Where was the casino located?

112. Who eventually robbed the casino after becoming a gambling addict?

113. Who led the campaign to close the casino?

114. Whose daughter was she?

115. What did this crusader want to turn the casino into?

116. Whose death resulted from protests concerning the casino?

117. Where did this death occur?

118. Who reconstructed the site, naming it Johnny's Place?

119. Who was more or less to blame for the death?

120. Who did she marry to prevent going to jail?

121. What is Pearl's given name?

122. What is Pearl's brother's name?

123. Who are Alice Jackson's biological parents?

124. Playboy centerfold Kathy Shower played Nick Hartley's friend Janice Harrison on "Santa Barbara". What was her secret identity?

125. Why did Mary Duvall marry Mark McCormack?

126. Who accused Ted Capwell of raping her at the Beach Snack Bar?

127. Who actually raped her?

128. Who had seen Ted and the victim at the Beach Snack Bar earlier that evening?

129. What eventually happened to the rapist?

130. In what city did the Duvall-Bassett family live?

131. How was Gina Capwell temporarily blinded?

132. What caused Gina Capwell to be visited by her guardian angel?

133. On what street is the Capwell mansion located?

134. In what bar did Mason Capwell open a law practice?

135. Who later opened a law practice at Johnny's Place?

136. What is Marisa Perkins' job?

137. What positions do Ruben and Rosa Andrade hold at the Capwell estate?

138. What was the name of the movie that Victoria Capwell was starring in when she became addicted to cocaine?

139. At what restaurant did Kelly Capwell work as a waitress?

140. Why was Joe Perkins sent to prison?

141. Who is Kirk Cranston's father?

142. At what radio station did Ted Capwell, Hayley Benson, and Jane Wilson work?

143. What was Jane Wilson's secret identity?

144. Who nearly died as a result of an explosion at the Capwell's mountain cabin?

145. Who caused the explosion?

146. Who portrayed Victoria Lane's abusive boyfriend, Martin Ellis?

147. In what category did that actor win a Daytime Emmy Award for his SB performance?

148. Who sings Cruz and Eden's song, "A Little Bit of Heaven"?

149. What actress originated the role of Gina Blake?

150. How was Sophia Capwell supposedly killed many years ago?

151. What royal title does Johnny Wallace hold?

152. How was Amanda Lockridge related to Lionel?

153. Who wrote the "Santa Barbara" theme music?

154. What is Cain's given name?

155. How many times has Eden Capwell been married?

156. What was Nick Hartley's profession?

157. What caused Brandon to come dangerously close to falling off the roof of the Capwell mansion?

158. What rock group performed at C.C. and Gina's "wedding" in Los Angeles?

159. Whose time-tested recipe did Gina Capwell steal in order to set up a cookie business?

160. What did Gina call the cookies?

161. In front of what "shocking" thing did Gina film her cookie commercial?

162. Where did Santana Andrade do a scandalous striptease?

163. How many times has Cruz Castillo been married?

164. In what country did Jeffery Conrad meet Kelly Capwell?

165. Why was Kelly there?

166. Who pushed Eden Capwell over a snow-covered Utah cliff?

167. Why was Eden in Utah at the time?

168. Whose heart was transplanted into Kirk Cranston?

169. Who hired thugs to shoot Joe Perkins through a bus window?

170. What was Jack Lee's evil cousin's name?

171. In what room of the Capwell mansion was Channing, Jr. murdered?

172. What winery did Ted Capwell become owner of?

173. Who gave it to him?

174. What are Pamela Capwell Conrad's favorite flowers?

175. How many actresses have played Laken Lockridge?

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