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Welcome to the Online Backgammon site, created originally by Mark Damish from, and was perhaps the first backgammon website on the Internet.

Backgammon is considered to be one of the most exciting strategy games of all times, combining luck and skill. This site covers many aspects of the game, including backgammon rules, backgammon FAQ and tips for the newly emerging scene of online backgammon servers, which has become a meeting place for thousands of players from all around the world. Our editors have compiled quite a few backgammon articles for those of you who are taking their first steps and for those who'd like to polish their skills.

The last years marked the wake up call of the game, which used to be very popular on the 70's and now seems to invite itself again and becoming increasingly popular - this time in the form of backgammon servers that offers nonstop 24/7 action.

Being Backgammon fans, we hope you will enjoy this site and learn from some of the premium material ever written by the some of the world's most professional players. We'd like to thanks our sponsors from the online backgammon biggest community - Gammon Empire for their continuous support.

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