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Introduction to the play65 Backgammon

Especially when talking about popular games such as the backgammon, the internet gaming is an attraction for millions of players. Entering the play65 site makes it very understandable. Play65 Backgammon site has a very respectable looks and a nice design. All the information you need, you can read on the site (FAQ, security etc.) - a very important thing that makes me feel safe. I tried to look for something different after playing backgammon on the internet for a while, on a very basic computer programs, some program that will provide me the option of playing on money and can help me improve my backgammon skills and that will give me the feeling of the real board.

This is how The play65 homepage looks like

Play65 backgammon site

The play65 Backgammon was the first good software I found, friendly, realistic and you can even hear the sound of the rolling cubes… then I understood the magic; The program is being shared with the Gammon Empire community and as everybody knows, collaboration of two communities can make a much bigger and variant community of users. As a result of this, the development of the game is much more progressive than other programs used by only one company.

Play65 program - how does it work?

Both sites are working in a similar way, you need to download the program - less than a minute - and that's it! You don't need the waiting of some flash/java based program downloaded into your computer or to the page you are in. log in and you have an access to more then a million opponents and more than ten thousand play65 players 24/7! You can enter many rooms on the lobby, each one gives you an access to other opponents, enter tournaments and win thousands of dollars, join single games series games and you can even enter the play65 backgammon school.

The play65 Backgammon

Either you are a backgammon beginner on your first games; either you are a pro coming here to make some money - It doesn't really matter; the play65 community is big enough to find you someone on your own skill level to play with. The interface is amazing - you can see that the people from play65 enjoyed creating this game.

The Play65 Backgammon interface:

backgammon game

Bottom line

For backgammon lovers the play65 is a very good site. It shares the most advanced backgammon software I have seen, it is friendly and it gives the feeling of the real thing including the sound (you have to check it if you want to understand…)and a chat system (if you playing a slow opponent you have time to tell him what you think about his moves...).

Play65 Backgammon site:

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