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Backgammon Articles

Backgammon Online

backgammon online

Created thousands of years ago and being played all around the world ever since, Without any serious changes in the rules or on it's board, Backgammon is one of the most interesting strategy and skill games there are...
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How to play backgammon

How to play backgammon

Learning how to play backgammon is very easy, each player rolls a single dice. This determines both the player to go first. Both players roll again if equal numbers come up, until they roll different numbers. The highest number moves first...
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Backgammon Tournaments

backgammon tournaments

There are many kinds of backgammon tournaments online; there is of course the regular tournament which takes place a few times every day, this is the most popular one. But there's also the enroll tournamets that not much know of...
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Backgammon Download

Backgammon Download

Today, any kind of communication is much easier than it was before the internet. The backgammon download is one of the latest trends on the online gaming scene and of course, the backgammon download changed the way most of backgammon games are being played.
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PartyGammon is the new "party gaming" 3D backgammon software. The interface is nice and it following the big already existing backgammon softwares. PartyGammon has done a great job with the interface and it can compete every good online backgammon software you can find today.
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Backgammon Room

Backgammon Room

The very popular game, backgammon, became even more popular lately. backgammon room, beside its popularity offers so many other features; you can choose to play for money or just for fun, you can chat with your opponent or any other user, join the freeroll tournaments and so on...
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Internet Backgammon

Internet Backgammon

If you want to, the internet is providing a lot of ways to pass the time. Along time ago before anyone even thought about the option of the net, some of those ways were here, As the Backgammon. Join the new trend. You can even Earn some money...
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backgammon Visit GammonEmpire, the most exciting Backgammon action on the internet! Join 24/7 tournaments and matches with players from all around the world. Download is simple and FREE. 12,000+ players are playing online Now!

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Gammon Empire

gammon empire

One of the most popular areas which were created by the internet is the online gaming, when talking about games which have always been popular such as the backgammon we can see the on growing use of that. Entering the gammon empire site will make you understand why...
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Especially when talking about popular games such as the backgammon, the internet gaming is an attraction for millions of players. Entering the play65 site makes it very understandable. Play65 site has a very respectable looks and a nice design...
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MSN Backgammon

MSN backgammon

One of the best games of all times is backgammon and one of the internet hottest uses is online gaming. If you want to try this game or if you are a professional player want to pass the time, playing on the internet, you can choose MSN Backgammon...
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Motif Backgammon

motif backgammon

If one wants to enjoy one of the internet hottest abilities - online gaming and one of the hottest games of all, he can choose using one of the free backgammon softwares - Motif backgammon is a good example for such...
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Online Backgammon

Online Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most interesting skill and strategy games of all times, created thousands of years ago and being played all around the world since then, without any serious changes in the rules or the backgammon board...
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Yahoo Backgammon

Yahoo Backgammon

Entering the yahoo games and using the yahoo backgammon - software provided by this site is among The internet many different uses One of the hottest is online gaming and one of the hottest all times games is backgammon...
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Backgammon Game

Backgammon Game

Maybe not everybody knows but the backgammon game is one of the most ancient games in the world. There are some assumptions but No one can say today exactly, where or when this game was invented. Backgammon lovers heard of the online backgammon game, the contemprary form of backgammon...
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Play Backgammon

Play Backgammon

It is very easy to play backgammon, each opponent rolls a die, which determines which player will be the first to go. If equal numbers come up, both players will roll again, until different numbers are rolled. The highest number is the first to move...
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Real Money Backgammon

Real Money Backgammon

Playing is very important part of live; we all like to play some kinds of games. The games are such a natural behavior for human that we are taking a part in some of them even when we don't pay attention; it is a part of each and every aspect of live...
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Play 65

paly 65

Numerous numbers of players are attracted by the internet games, especially when talking about successful games such as backgammon. If you enter the play 65 site you realize why. The play 65 is very friendly design and respectable looks will get you too...
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Backgammon Gambling

backgammon gambling

backgammon gambling donates this amazing game a new thrill. Every move is becoming much more important and you have to give it a lot of thinking. The winning is getting harder sometimes but as everybody knows, the taste of a hard earned winning is much sweeter...
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Backgammon for Money

Backgammon for money

Playing is a part of every aspect of our lives and we all like games, we all understand the interest created by the game itself and the thrill of winning it. But some of us, as those who play cards, pool or backgammon for money, enjoy the games much more if it is a gambling game...
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the GammonEmpire site is really amazing. Its realistic design and very respectable looks and having all the information needed on the site (security, FAQ etc.). thing that makes you feel safer while surfing- I felt like maybe it can be as good as the real thing...
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Party Gammon

party gammon

The new "party gaming" 3D backgammon software, Party Gammon, is one of those backgammon new servers. The interface is good and it follows the big, already succeeding backgammon servers. A great job was done by Party Gammon...
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Backgammon, Bacgammon and Bakgammon


Bakgammon, Bacgammon and all the rest...
The full list of backgammon misspellings. You wouldn't believe what we found there.
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Fibs Backgammon

fibs backgammon

Mike Quinn's Guide to FIBS - Backgammon on The Internet. Here you'll find an introduction (both to Backgammon and FIBS), a reference list of all the commands available on FIBS and a guide on finding a GUI for you machine.
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Backgammon Betting

backgammon betting

The backgammon betting is one of the most popular backgammon variations, online and offline. As in most competition games the backgammon betting variation makes the game much more thrilling and the opponents have to think much more of every move they are going to make.
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The Two most important things in the world of backgammon are the community of players and the backgammon affiliates.
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