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Backgammon tournaments:

One of the most popular online games, as all know, is backgammon. After playing a few standard games, using the 3D GammonEmpire's great program and learning the online backgammon system in a few different ways; single game, series match, swing etc. After playing some money games, though it may be safer to play against one player, Playing against one person at the time for money is taking too long If you are trying to make money, so, Maybe it's time to try some other things the system offers, So, I decided to try the backgammon tournaments available online.

The best online backgammon tournaments:

There are many kinds of backgammon tournaments online; there is of course the regular tournament which takes place a few times every day. In this tournament you pay the fee (the fee is different for every regular tournament) and you can win much more money. Another great thing in this kind of tournaments is that the prize pool is splitting between all four finalists! There is the special backgammon tournaments with a higher buy in fee and, of course, much higher prize pool; there is the satellite backgammon tournament, in which you can pay a buy in fee or use your stars (you are getting stars for each real money game you are playing) to enter and by winning those satellite tournaments, you get a free ticket to the biggest special events, some, with a prize pool of 100,000!.
And of course there are the daily tournaments, some of them are regular, some are stars tournaments.

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The freeroll backgammon tournament is one of the most popular backgammon tournaments. If you are familiar with the backgammon tournaments terms, you must have heard the term freeroll (or free enroll), but to whom this word is new, here is an explanation: On the backgammon online tournaments, one can play against 3 up to more then a hundred opponents, gain more money after passing more challenges. If you don’t want to pay money on the first tournament you are playing, there is this option – the stars freeroll or the freeroll tournament.
You don't pay the entry fee on this tournament to get in; still, you can win money! And that's the way it work; as written above, by playing "real money" games you acquire stars. Those stars, you can use to enter the freeroll tournaments without paying the "buy in" fee.

Time to try the Tournaments

Backgammon players, beginners and professional, from all over the world already discovered the online tournaments. If you think you really got it and you want to make some money, the backgammon tournaments are the best place to check it. Meet the best backgammon and online backgammon players and try to win their money.

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