Online Backgammon

Online Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most interesting skill and strategy games of all times, created thousands of years ago and being played all around the world since then, without any serious changes in the rules or the backgammon board. The only problem with the game, and a very big one, was that you needed some opponent to be near you when you wanted to play. The invention of the internet and, later on, the online backgammon changed this.
The internet created a new way to communicate, a way that made the distances irrelevant, and of course, it took the backgammon a step forward, to the next generation- the online backgammon. Today you don't need an opponent living next to you; you don't even need a backgammon board, just get an access to the internet, download a good backgammon software and you can start playing the game.
With a great 3D looks and a variety of skilled opponents, with a very realistic interface and amazing sounds, the online backgammon provides a great experience to every user, those things are attracting more and more people to take a part of this backgammon revolution and forget about the part of organizing the checkers after every game...

Choose your online backgammon!

As every great idea, the online backgammon softwares became very common and many companies are trying to create their own backgammon system. Those require for start; fast and reliable server, friendly and realistic interface and, naturally, big community of users. After that there are many small differences, helping you choose between all the online backgammons.

3D board (from the gammon empire's online backgammon site):

online backgammon with gammon empire

Some more requirements:

The developers should use the best technology available. To give the online backgammon board a very realistic feeling, this feeling is being made especially by the three dimensional technology, as can be seen on the pictures on this page, not all the online backgammon have this realistic quality. That is not all, the game must have an accessible and friendly gaming system; a good chat system always helps you feel as playing a live game and a downloadable program is better and faster; you don't surf through any site when you want to play.

Backgammon board:

interface example for internet backgammon

The real thrill...

We, the backgammon players can't enjoy winning a game without some money involved. Good software will provide this possibility - playing on money when we want - like on real life – this possibility will always make the game much more interesting for this kind of people (my kind…). If you want to find a system that allow playing on money, don't forget, the first thing you will need to check is the reliability of this system. Find out which security technologies are being used by the provider; this will secure your winnings (The gammon empire system, for example, is using the SSL security protocol- the most reliable protection system).
You can also check this site if you like to play backgammon online, where you can download free backgammon software, rules, tips and strategies on this site as well.

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If you want to join the online backgammon community, try to find all the above requirements, it will make you see the difference between basic online backgammon softwares and the one you will choose, system that will take you to the experiences of the new backgammon- the online backgammon.

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